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FCE is an expert in providing customers with high-quality, precision metal parts with close tolerance. With more than 10 years of precision stamping manufacturer experience in metal stamping and mold, we can provide precision stamping aluminum products with superb technical level, meeting all industry recognized standards. As a company in China, certified by ISO 9001 and ITAF 16949, we will provide professional, complete solutions and one-stop services for your aluminum stamping projects.

Application of Stamping Aluminum

Aluminum has low density and light weight, excellent strength to weight ratio, excellent conductivity, second only to silver, copper and gold. It is a good thermal conductor, with a thermal conductivity of 3 times greater than iron, and good ductility (its ductility is second only to gold and silver). Aluminum can also be anodized to improve the surface hardness and corrosion resistance in challenging environments. It is widely used in aircraft, automobiles, trains, ships, food, medical and other manufacturing industries.

TOTAL Aluminum Stamping & Tooling SOLUTIONS

According to your unique requirements, we will provide a full range of services required for the supply of precision stamping metal parts: from consulting, prototype design to internal tool production, high-quality manufacturing and logistics, to help you find the most cost-effective aluminum alloy for your stamping projects.

Aluminum stamping operations include:

• Blanking

• Bending

• Forming

• Drawing

• Punching

• Coins

Common aluminum stamping applications include:

Aluminum Alloy Common Applications
1100 Aluminum For processing, it requires good formability and high corrosion resistance, but does not require parts with high strength. For example, storage containers, sheet workpieces, deep drawing concave vessels, heat exchangers, printed plates, nameplates, reflective devices, etc.
2011 Aluminum Free cutting alloy, with good machinability and high strength, but poor corrosion resistance, is suitable for volume shaft, optical components, screw heads, screws and machining products requiring good cutting performance.
3003 Aluminum It has the properties of 1xxx series alloy and has higher strength than 1xxxx series alloy, such as kitchenware, food and chemical product processing and storage devices, tanks and tanks for transporting liquid products, and various pressure vessels and pipes for sheet processing.
4A01 Aluminum High silicon content, heat-resistant, wear-resistant, belonging to building materials, mechanical parts, forging materials, welding materials.
5052 Aluminum The most representative alloy of medium strength (5083 is the highest), with good corrosion resistance, dissolution and formability, especially high fatigue strength and seawater resistance. It is used to manufacture aircraft fuel tanks, oil pipes, and sheet metal parts of traffic vehicles and ships, instruments, street lamp supports and rivets, hardware products, etc.
6061 Aluminum Heat treated corrosion-resistant alloy. T6 treatment can have a very high endurance value, but the strength of the fusion joint is low, so it is suitable for screws, ships, vehicles, and land structures.
6N01 Aluminum The medium strength extrusion alloy can be used as large thick profile with complex shape, and has good corrosion resistance and fusion joint. It is applicable to vehicles, onshore structures and ships.
6063 Aluminum The typical extrusion alloy has low strength ratio of 6061 and good extrudability. It can be used as the profile with complex section shape. It has good corrosion resistance and surface treatment. It is suitable for building road guardrails, vehicles, furniture, household appliances and decorations.
7072 Aluminum With low electrode potential, it is mainly used for anti-corrosion covering leather, heat sink of heat exchanger, aluminum foil and ultra-thin strip of air conditioner.
7075 Aluminum Aluminum alloy is one of the alloys with the highest strength, but its corrosion resistance is not good. It can improve its corrosion resistance with 7072 covering leather, but its cost is increased. It is suitable for aircraft, ski poles and thick plate forgings.

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