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FCE is an expert in providing customers with high-quality and precision tolerance metal parts. With more than 10 years of precision stamping manufacturer experience in metal stamping and mold, we can provide precision stamping brass stamping services with superb technology to meet all industry recognized standards. As a company in China, certified by ISO 9001 and IATF 16949, we will provide professional and complete solutions and one-stop services for your copper pressing projects

Brass Metal Stamping Applications

Brass is an alloy of zinc and copper, with high strength and hardness, good conductivity and thermal conductivity, good wear resistance and wear reduction, and acoustic and antibacterial properties; According to the ratio of zinc to copper, brass is different in hardness, corrosion resistance, surface regularity and chemical reactivity. Its main uses include:

• Terminals

• Lead frames

• Switch components

• Relay components

• Fasteners

• Valves and gears

• Electrical components

• Decorative hardware

• Locks

• Piping and HVAC parts

TOTAL Brass Stamping & Tooling SOLUTIONS

According to your unique requirements, we will provide a full range of services required for the supply of precision stamping metal parts: from consulting, prototype design to internal tool production, high-quality manufacturing and logistics, to help you find the most cost-effective copper alloy for your stamping projects.

Brass stamping operations include:

• Blanking

• Bending

• Forming

• Punching

• Coins

For more information about our brass stamping manufacturing capabilities, please contact us.

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Brass stamping service for BTB

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Switch components

Switch components