Plastic Injection Molding

Plastic Injection Mold Manufacturer

At FCE factory, We offer precision plastic injection molding services with a focus on high-tolerance, insert molding ,micro molding or over-molded processes which mold on top of a stamped strip in a reel-to-reel configuration. Utilizing scientific molding principles, along with decades of mold making and injection molding experience, we are capable of accomplishing what others cannot.

For more than 15 years, as a  globally operating partner, FCE has been providing Total Plastic Solutions for the automotive, medical technology, communication, consumer and renewable energy industries, and Electronic/Connector industries.

We have the expertise, technical know-how, and creativity to help customers throughout industry reduce lead-times, while enhancing the quality, functionality and performance of injection moulded parts and components.

We provide one stop services to our supplier including rapid prototyping, design optimization, plastic mold design and making and plastic injection molding. We could help you complete your project from concept to mass production. And we also have some exclusive solutions if you have the special needs for some projects. we have the ability to offer added value services through dedicated project management and technical and customer support.

Our precision injection molding capabilities include:

  • Precision injection molding
  • Precision plastic mold design and making
  • Insert Molding
  • Overmolding
  • Micromolding
  • Injection Molding with High Strength Plastics

Ultem (polyetherimide)
PEEK (polyether ether ketone)
PPS  (polyphenylene sulfide)
LCP (liquid crystal polymer)

  • Japan Nissei / Sabic Servo-electric molding machines
  • Highly expert at processing of engineering polymers
  • Robotic parts extraction and cavity separation
  • Design assistance and product development

Secondary operations including :

  • plastic plating,
  • sonic welding, heat staking, and pad printing
  • Part assembly and packaging
  • Long and short run production

High-performance Horizontal Injection Machine

Electric type High-performance Horizontal Injection Machine

Vertical Injection Machine

Vertical Injection Machine

back plane connector sockets (2)

Backplane connector socket

Insert molding parts for consumer industry

Precision injection molding parts

Standardized, professional and craftsman casting high-precision injection mold system design technology:

  • The mold structure adopts modular design; AB plate is processed as a whole to ensure that the error of upper and lower die reference edge is within 0.002mm.
  • The die base is polished and black, the AB board is hardened with SKD61, the standard die base is made of P20, and the die core is made of ASSAB Viking, S136H, JIS and SKD61,etc.
  • MISUMI standard parts are selected for standard parts such as guide post, guide sleeve, fine positioning and pull rod.

Thin wall insert molding technology and multi reel-to- reel over-molding technology

  • For 0.35 pitch distance BTB, RF, SIM card (terminal thickness 0.06mm, width 0.10, molding glue position 0.06min), we have accumulated rich experience in mold design and development and molding process,
  • The dimensional accuracy of some structures can reach ± 0.005;
  • High precision and high efficiency to achieve type-C, BTB, RF etc Multi reel-to-reel over-molding  technology, and professional accumulated more than ten years of design and production experience.

Professional 3D mold design and mold flow simulation analysis ability

  • Using full 3D mold design and Moldflow simulation analysis, and accumulated more than ten years of simulation analysis experience, can try to avoid mistakes in the design process, and optimize the reasonable product structure and molding process, improve the success rate of mold.

    precision injection mold design   Mode flow analysis

Precision injection die

Backplane connector socket die

floating board-to-board connector sockets

floating board-to-board connector sockets

insert injection molding

Type-C connector for automobile

Injection Molding Types

Insert Injection Molding

Insert molding

We can provide high-quality precision injection molding and insert injection molding services to our clients from a wide range of industries.

insert injection molding


We can provide high-quality overmolding services to our clients from a wide range of industries.

thin wall injection molding

Micro molding

We can provide high-quality micro molding services to our clients from a wide range of industries.

PPS plastic material

 High strength plastic

We have a good understanding of the characteristics of various plastic materials, and we will provide professional and complete solutions and one-stop services for your injection molding projects.