Secondary Metal Surface Treatment Service

FCE provides a full range of secondary services for metal surface treatment to protect metal and extend its service life. Our professional metal stamping services use the latest technology, the best materials, the most advanced resources and the most experienced engineers to exceed the most stringent quality standards. As a company certified by ISO 9001 and IATF 16949, we are very familiar with the surface treatment process of various metal materials. We will provide professional and complete solutions and one-stop services for your stamping projects.

Metal surface protection process

Gold and silver plating – Gold and silver plating are mainly used in electronic products due to their high conductivity and corrosion resistance; It is also ideal for decorative purposes.

Tin Plating – Tin plating is used in the electronics industry as well as the food industry because of its solderability.

Galvanizing – This process is used to prevent oxidation and corrosion of the substrate, protect the substrate and extend its service life.

Chromium Plating – Although primarily used as a decorative finish, it also reduces friction.

Passivation – This cleaning and conditioning process of stainless steel is used to prevent corrosion.

Anodizing – Anodizing produces uniform and harder than natural oxidation and will not peel off like paint. At the end of the anodizing process, aluminum may be dyed to obtain a colored finish.

Powder coating – powder coating has excellent durability and environmental protection characteristics, and is the preferred alternative to paint.

Annealing – Annealing is a heat treatment process that reduces the tempering of materials.

Heat treatment/aging – Heat treatment/aging is a baking process to increase the tempering of materials.

Pre-Plating, Post-Plating and Spot Plating
• Electropolishing
• Deburring
• Sanding, Grinding, and Buffing
• Cleaning

FCE is happy to work with you to determine the appropriate metal process for your products. Contact us today to learn more about our secondary metal finishing services.

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Plating gold and tin

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