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From the automotive industry, electronics industry, medical technology to communication and consumer fields, FCE is your qualified supplier of tool technology. With more than 15 years of product development experience, we can provide you with customized tool technology solutions based on our expertise in technology and the robustness of materials.

Precision stamping die

High speed stamping die

With more than ten years of metal processing technology and experience in precision molds, we have purchased precision processing and testing equipment from companies with world-renowned precision, such as Moore of the United States, Hauser of Switzerland, Toshiba of Japan, Makino of Japan, Okamoto of Japan, Seibu of Japan, Panasonic of Japan, Taylor of the United Kingdom, and Zeiss of Germany, to ensure precision positioning of molds and precision of parts.

CNC for mold making

One of Three CNC Machining Centers

When designing tools, we fully consider the manufacturability of products and review your part design to ensure excellent fit, structural form and function, while minimizing the cost of parts and tools.

In addition to our quality and speed, our material expertise is also a key core competency when creating tool concepts. When it comes to innovative detailed solutions, it is particularly important to choose the right process for your components. This is why we should not only consider the materials and their characteristics used in technically complex realization of your future oriented products, but also pay attention to the particularity of corresponding tool technologies in terms of functions, requirements and design.

Therefore, we manufacture industry specific tools with the highest shape and dimension accuracy according to your ideas and the challenges of your industry. Finally, we can help you create cost-effective and reliable tools. We know that your mold is the first step to produce high-quality parts.

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progressive die stamping 

Precision injection die

Injection mold for backplane connector socket

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